About the Winter Intensive Course


Apply now to attend the NK Winter INTENSIVE 3-5 January 2020, PLUS the opportunity to audition for a the official VAGANOVA Summer Course in Italy 🇮🇹 and the official NK London 🇬🇧 Summer Intensive Course. ⁣⁣
The course will be taught by guest leading specialist of the Russian Ballet Method from St Petersburg Julia Kasenkova (Graduate of Vaganova Academy and former Soloist of Mariinsky Theatre) and the founder of the “Natalia Kremen Ballet School” and UK Registered Charity “NK Ballet Foundation”, Natalia Kremen
For boys and girls Age 7-10 and 11-15 : ⁣⁣
*Classes and Workshops:
Ballet Technique Class⁣⁣
Flexibility Workshop ⁣⁣
Turnout Workshop ⁣⁣
Feet Strengh Workshop ⁣⁣
Allegro Class⁣⁣
Pirouettes Class ⁣⁣
Adagio Adagio ⁣⁣
Port De Bras Workshop ⁣⁣
Self Correction Workshop ⁣⁣
Injury Prevention Workshop⁣⁣

*subject to change ⁣⁣
BONUS opportunity! ⁣⁣
To be able to audition LIVE for a the official VAGANOVA Summer Course in Italy and the NK London Summer Intensive Course (additional charge of £35 for 2 auditions together)⁣⁣
Why? Well, taking beautiful professional pictures and well arranged ballet class videos can be vital for your audition processes, but they are often very costly and time consuming procedures. Therefore, by attending this LIVE audition you can skip all the complications and save your money and time by auditioning directly, for not only One but TWO programmes
Early Bird Booking Bonus⁣⁣
Receive personal written advice from both Mrs Julia Kasenkova and Mrs Natalia Kremen during the course (only offered to first 20 registered participants) ⁣⁣
During the course, 5 special students will be chosen to become the ambassadors of our new upcoming, ONLINE BALLET ACADEMY, and receive exclusive access to our online programmes ⁣⁣
FEES for the 3 day course:⁣⁣
5hrs of training per day for ages 11+ £390⁣⁣
⁣⁣4hrs of training per day for ages 7+ £290⁣⁣
To apply please submit photos (Demi plié in 1st and 2nd position; Battement Tendue Side, Arabesque profile, A la seconde)
Send: info@nkballetschool.com

About the Summer Course

Our world-renowned Summer ballet Courses offer students aged from 10 to 20 years old the chance to apply for our extended programme.

More information and the teaching faculty will be announced as soon as possible.

Please see our previous faculty list of world-renowned ballet masters and principal dancers:

Natalia Kremen (English National Ballet, NKBS)

Isabelle Ciaravola (Paris Opera Ballet, CNSMDP)   

Anastasia Yatsenko (Bolshoi Theatre)   

Roberta Marquez (Royal Ballet, NKBS)

Aleksander Muntagirov (People's Artist of Russia and Artistic Director of Chelyabinsk Opera & Ballet)

Aleksandr Zaitsev (Stuggart Ballet, Guest Ballet Master Vaganova Academy)


Please make sure you apply early as places are limited and fill up quickly!


2020 Course information to be confirmed.

Summer Courses Photo Gallery

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Email: info@nkballetschool.com 

Thank you!