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If you are not happy for these searches to be undertaken, please let us know immediately. If you require any more information or have and questions on our privacy policies, please call our school directly for more information. Natalia Kremen Ballet School Ltd - 96 Oyster Wharf 18 Lombard Road London SW11 3RR (Company number 07894957)


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School Terms and Conditions

Natalia Kremen Ballet School Limited (a company Incorporated in England and Wales no. 07894957)

Tel. +44 207 99301102, email : info@nkballetschool.com





(for children aged 16 years and under)


Course: Natalia Kremen Ballet Course

Venue, Dates & Times: The venues, dates and times are set out on our website.

Please be aware that dates, venues and times may change and NKBS will notify you in

advance of any changes though the contact details you have provided. An updated version of

the timetable and term dates are available to view in the Classes Information section of the

NKBS website www.nkballetschool.com


Your child/minor (Student) was registered to take part in an annual ballet course run by Natalia Kremen Ballet

School Limited (NKBS).


In order for the Student to take part in the Course a Student’s parent or guardian must sign this agreement on

Student’s behalf (Agreement), complete the Student Information form and return the Agreement and the form together with a passport size photograph to NKBS before your first class.


It is important that you read this Agreement and the NKBS Code of Conduct. In signing this Agreement you

acknowledge that this Agreement is in the Student’s interests and that you will ensure that both you and the Student will comply with the terms set out in this Agreement and the NKBS Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement or the NKBS Code of Conduct could lead to the Student losing his or her place in or being removed from the Course.


COVID-19 Additional terms and conditions (2020):

NKBS is complying with all government regulations regarding COVID-19.  In case of a local or national lockdown, or if otherwise required due to COVID-19 related reasons, studio classes will be moved to an online platform for as long as may be required.  The fees payable for online classes will be the same as the fees for studio classes.  Students will not be permitted to cancel their attendance due to classes being moved online, and no refunds will be given.  In exceptional circumstances, where a student is unable to access online classes, a credit may be issued by NKBS for future studio classes.  The decision to grant such a credit is subject to proof of the student’s individual circumstances, and is at the sole discretion of NKBS.  In the unlikely event that NKBS is unable to provide online classes in place of studio classes, then a refund of fees will be offered.




Natalia Kremen Ballet School Limited (a company Incorporated in England and Wales no. 07894957)

Tel. +44 207 99301102, email : info@nkballetschool.com



Course Fees

Fees (which includes VAT)

Course fees must be paid termly or monthly in advance, via Stripe, by following the payment link which will be sent to you.  Please note that course fees are charged at the same rate, whether the classes take place in the studio or via our online platform.


Class Fees:

  • Trial Class payable before the trial is taken - £10 ( except special offers )
  • Administration Fee/Registration Fee (£10.00 per term if fees paid termly; £5.00 per month if fees paid monthly)

Please see below breakdown of class fees:

Twinkle Toes ( 40 min) £149

Shining Star ( 45 min ) £169

Toddler Ballet ( 50 min ) £189

Level 1 ( 55min ) - £219

Level 2 ( 55min ) - £219

Level 3 ( 55min ) - £219

Level 4- ( 85 min ) - £332

Open Level (2hrs ) - £352

Contemporary- ( 1hr ) £219

Flexibility/ Gymnastics ( 1hr ) £219

Vocational L3/4 £1999 ( Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat + Contemporary  + Body Conditioning )

Vocational L1 ( Wed, Fri, Sat + Complimentary Contemporary and Gymnastics for the Autumn Term 2020-2021 ) £880 or £16 per/hour

Minimum Required Participation You are required to attend a minimum of one ballet class per week. ( levels 1-6)

You must perform in the NKBS Summer Show unless an advance notice is given to NKBS in accordance

with the terms and conditions. The date of the show will be announced in the autumn term.

Fees invoiced separately Please note that the following additional fees are / may be payable:

Additional Classes: £20 per hour for individual group lessons.

( by school permission)

Show Costumes purchased and or hired: In the region of £35 or solo costumes approximately £50

Late Collection Charged: For any student under the age of 14 not collected on time

. £25.00 fee for each 15 minutes (or part thereof).

  • Interest will be charged on any late payments in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

Private Coaching (Hourly)

  • One to one coaching - From £85 including VAT
  • Shared Private coaching, 2 students - £50 each including VAT
  • Shared Private coaching, 3 students - £40 each including VAT
  • Shared Private coaching, 4 students - by arrangement

Regular weekly coaching slots must be booked for the entire term and cannot be cancelled. If sufficient notice is given that your child is unable to

attend and we are able to find a student who would like to take this class as a one off lesson, then the fee will not be payable for this class.


  • Siblings are entitled to a 10% discount which will applied to the student with the lower fees.
  • Payments received after the start of the course are not eligible for the discount.
  • Discounts only apply to course fees. There are no discounts on other fees or additional costs.

Gymnastics and Flexibility and Contemporary Classes can only be taken as an additional class in conjunction with a ballet course, except by prior arrangement with Director.  Contemporary classes can only be taken by invitation.






Natalia Kremen Ballet School Limited (a company Incorporated in England and Wales no. 07894957)

Tel. +44 207 99301102, email : info@nkballetschool.com



  1. (Definitions) The definitions are set out in the

"Explanation of Terms" attached.

  1. (Course Fees) Fees are payable by you termly or monthly in advance and will be displayed on our website www.nkballetschool.com at the time you enter into this Agreement. Monthly Fees are payable on the first day of the month, and termly Fees on the first day of the relevant term, or in each case on such other date as we may notify you in writing from time to time. The Fees are payable by credit or debit card, via the Stripe payment gateway, and you will be sent a payment link for the purposes of setting up the payment of Fees.  Course Fees will be adjusted annually.
  2. (Additional Fees and Interest) Any additional fees will be payable immediately on receipt by you of any invoice for such amounts from NKBS. We reserve the right to charge interest on the late payment of Course Fees and / or Additional Fees at the rate of 4% above the base rate from time to time of the Bank of England, from the due date for payment until payment of the overdue sum.
  3. (Discounts) Any discounts granted rely upon you

paying any sums due on time. If any payments are

made after the date any payment is due, we will require

you to pay the full amount that would have been

payable prior to the discount.

  1. (Participation) You agree to participate in the

Course and agree to be bound by these terms and

conditions and the NKBS Code of Conduct. You will

comply with any Venue specific rules and regulations

(of which NKBS make you aware) and with all

instructions (including in relation to safety) in relation

to the Course and your participation in the Course

given to you by of or on behalf of the NKBS.

  1. (Attendance commitment) You shall, as a

minimum, attend the minimum number of classes or

other commitments set out in the Minimum Required

Participation section of the Course Outline.

6.1. if you miss a class for any reason please note

NKBS do not offer replacement or substitute

classes. No fees are refundable in respect of any

classes missed.

6.2. where NKBS arrange for you to attend additional

(private or group) classes such classes shall, unless

otherwise agreed in writing, be charged as

additional fees. Those additional fees are not

refundable if you miss those additional classes.

6.3. if you do not meet the minimum attendance

requirement you may not (at NKBS’ discretion)

be allowed to take an exam and may be withdrawn

from any NKBS concerts or shows (including

but not limited to the NKBS Summer Show).

No exam fee and/or no costs which you may

have incurred in preparation for the exam, NKBS

concerts and/or the NKBS Summer show (including

any individual tuition fees) and costume fees

shall be refunded.

6.4. if you are unable to take part in any NKBS

shows, including the NKBS Summer Show, or

attend the exam you must notify NKBS in

writing no later than 60 days before the date of

show or the exam.

  1. (Syllabus & Method) The course is intended to be

taught by NKBS trained teachers in accordance with the

NKBS designed syllabus. NKBS

reserves the right to: make substitutions and/or change

the teachers where it considers necessary or appropriate

to do so (at its discretion) but will ensure that any

replacement teacher will have a similar level of

experience and skill as the individual replaced.

  1. (Other ballet schools) Training at a different ballet

school may create confusion in the way you are taught

to use ballet techniques. You must notify NKBS

before the start of the Course if you train at any other

ballet school or take any other ballet class during the

period of the Course. All vocational students should

seek permission in writing to attend any dance related

events, courses , workshops or performances.

  1. (Physical Contact) It is essential in teaching ballet

for physical contact between teachers and students to

take place in class, e.g. in order to correct the student’s

position, illustrate a dancing concept or perform an

element of choreography. NKBS has adopted a policy to

ensure that any such physical contact is appropriate and

this is set out in the NKBS Code of Conduct. By

enrolling in the Course you agree that such contact is


  1. (Fitness) You warrant and declare that you know of

no reason (including but not limited to illness, injury or

contractual commitment) that will prevent you from

taking part in the Course or completing the Minimum

Required Participation. You must immediately notify

NKBS in writing of any change to your medical

condition, fitness, or ability to participate. You

understand and accept that NKBS (and any third party

authorised by NKBS to run the Course) will continue to

rely upon this declaration as evidence of your ability to


  1. (Risks) You acknowledge and fully understand that

ballet is an activity that can involve certain risk and

injuries. You declare you voluntarily assume the risk

resulting from taking part in the Course and your own

preparation for it.

  1. (Medical information) It is your responsibility to

disclose any prior or existing medical condition when

you enter into the Agreement and to keep NKBS updated on

any change in your medical condition until the end of

the Course. Any medical information provided by you

or which otherwise may become known to NKBS may

be used to treat or assist you as a result of illness or

injury sustained during your participation in the


  1. (Medical Assistance) You authorise and permit

NKBS and any third parties connected with the Course

to administer first aid to you and to authorise such other

medical treatment and transportation as may be

recommended by physicians, paramedics and other

medical personnel in the event of any illness, accident

or injury you suffer during the Course. In order to take

part in the Course you must sign the separate Medical

Waiver Form annexed to the Agreement to confirm

your consent. A photocopy of your authorisation shall

be considered effective and valid.

  1. (Medical Expenses) NKBS shall not be liable for

your medical treatment or transportation. You will be

responsible for any medical or transport expenses

specifically incurred in connection with any illness,

accident or injury sustained or occurring in connection

with your participation in and/or attendance at the


  1. (Insurance) NKBS does not provide any insurance

for any illness, accident, injury, loss or damage that may

arise in connection with your participation in the

Course. You confirm that you are eligible for free

treatment under the UK National Health Service (NHS)

or have made arrangements for your own medical

insurance sufficient to cover full costs of medical

treatment of any accidents during the full length of the


  1. (Conduct) You agree that you shall at all times for

the full duration of the Course comply with this

Agreement and the NKBS Code of Conduct and in


16.1. you shall conduct yourself at all times during the

Course, including inside and outside of the Venue,

in a manner that shows due regard for your own

safety and dignity and that of your fellow dancers,

teachers and others present around you;

16.2. you shall not do or say anything that may: be

obscene, immoral, harmful or offensive; offend

against normal standards of decency; encourage

or incite the commission of crime or public

disorder; endanger public safety; or encourage, in

whatever manner, behaviour which promotes

disparaging views or behaviour relating to an

individual or group's colour, race, nationality,

ethnic or national origins, disability, sex, sexual

orientation, marital status, religion or age; or that

may injure the reputation of the NKBS;

16.3. you shall not cause damage to the Venue or any

other site you will visit as part of the Course and

that if you do cause such damage you will be

responsible for the costs of repair of such damage;

16.4. no drugs, illegal substances, performance

enhancing substances or intoxicants of any kind

are permitted to be brought, handled or consumed

by you at any time during the Course. NKBS

reserves the right to refuse participation in the

Course and to disqualify any persons found to

have consumed or to have in their possession any

drugs, illegal substances, performance enhancing

substances or intoxicants of any kind;

16.5. you acknowledge that it is compulsory to wear the

uniform/costume (including appropriate foot

wear) directed by NKBS during the Course.

  1. (Data Protection) You consent to NKBS holding and

processing data relating to you and in particular any

"sensitive personal data" (as defined in the Data

Protection Act 1998) including the medical information

for the purposes of organising and conducting the

Course, providing ancillary services to you and

providing medical assistance to you in the event of your

illness or injury. You consent that NKBS may transfer

your personal data or share it with the persons engaged

by NKBS in organising and conducting the Course.

Your data will be used solely in accordance with NKBS’s Privacy Policy, which is available on request, and current data protection legislation.

  1. (Personal Photography) Unless agreed by NKBS,

you shall not take photographs, film or otherwise

record any classes, including any warm-ups or

preparatory activities. If you breach this Clause, you

hereby assign with full title guarantee all Intellectual

Property Rights in such photographs, film or other

recordings taken by you to NKBS (including by way of

present assignment of future copyright) and you agree

to deliver these up to NKBS on demand. You shall not

while taking part in the Course take any pictures or

video (including any “selfies”) in the dressing rooms

and/or which show incomplete costumes and/or full or

partial nudity.

  1. (Security) You agree to comply with all security

provisions, and other directions or requirements

notified to you in connection with your participation in

the Course. In particular, you agree that NKBS and/or

the personnel connected with any Venue or location

you visit as part of the Course, may inspect your

personal property if it is considered necessary for


  1. (Performance) NKBS (or any party approved by

NKBS) may at its option film, photograph or

otherwise record you or your Performance during the

Course and you agree that you may be filmed,

photographed and otherwise recorded. If you disagree

with the recordings being made, you must inform

NKBS in writing before the start of the Course.

  1. (Use of Recordings) NKBS may use (and license

others to use) the Recordings or any part of them in

any media and in any part of the world for the

promotion of NKBS and its business and for the

Purpose. If NKBS wishes to use the whole or any part

of your Performance or the Recordings for any other

purpose, it will obtain your prior written agreement

(such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld,

delayed or conditioned). You agree that NKBS may

edit, adapt, alter, modify, translate and transcribe the

Recordings or Performance and exploit such edited

Recording for the Purpose. NKBS is not obliged to

make or use any Recordings.

  1. (Rights) You hereby assign (with full title

guarantee) all Intellectual Property Rights you have in

your Performance and the Recordings to NKBS

(including by way of present assignment of future

copyright) for the full duration of such rights.

  1. (Likeness) You consent to NKBS using your name,

likeness and photograph in connection with the

exploitation of the Recordings and/or the promotion of

NKBS, its business or any course.

  1. (Moral Rights) You waive all Moral Rights in your

Performance and the Recordings. You hereby transfer

and assign to NKBS the making available right.

  1. (No payments to you from NKBS) You agree that

neither NKBS, nor any third party, shall be required to

make any payments to you in relation to the use of your

Performance and the exploitation of your Performance

and the Recordings as permitted under the Agreement.

  1. (Student Progress) You understand that progress will differ from student to student, and is dependent on such factors (amongst others) as underlying ability and levels of practice. NKBS does not guarantee any particular level of progress or success at examination as a result of a student’s participation in the Course.
  2. (Further Assurance) If NKBS needs anything

further to be done (including but not limited to having

documents signed) so that it can use your Performance

or Recordings as set out in the Agreement, you will

promptly ensure that this is done.

  1. (Warranties) You warrant and undertake that you

are entitled to enter into the Agreement and to

participate in the Course and to grant and assign to

NKBS all the rights granted and assigned in the


  1. (Indemnity) You hereby indemnify NKBS and will

at all times keep NKBS fully and effectively indemnified

from and against all claims, liabilities, damages, costs

and losses whatsoever incurred by NKBS as a

consequence of: any breach or non-performance by you

of any of the representations, warranties, obligations or

covenants contained in the Agreement; your acts or

omissions; or a breach by you of the Agreement.

  1. (Cancellation by You) Should you wish to

withdraw your child from any NKBS class, you must provide NKBS with written notice of withdrawal not later than 5 weeks before the last day of the current term (the “Notice Date”), with such notice to take effect for the following term.  If you give notice of withdrawal after the Notice Date, you will be liable in full for the Fees for the following term, irrespective of whether the student participates in the Course during that following term.  You agree that we are entitled to deduct payment via Stripe for any Fees which may be payable under this clause as a result of a failure to give a withdrawal notice on or before the relevant Notice Date.  You further agree to indemnify us in full in respect of any costs or expenses (including legal fees) which we may incur in the collection of Fees under this clause.

  1. (Cancellation by NKBS) In the unlikely event that

NKBS is unable to run the Course for whatever reason

or if NKBS does not have the minimum number of

students required for any Course, NKBS may offer you

a suitable replacement course or terminate the

Agreement upon a notice in writing to you. Where no

suitable replacement course can be offered, or you do

not accept a replacement course, or NKBS terminates a

Course, it will repay to you any sums you have paid for

any classes or other events which have not been made

available to you. NKBS will have no other liability to

you in relation to such cancellation.

  1. (Termination) NKBS may terminate the Agreement

with immediate effect if you are in breach of the NKBS

Code of Conduct or these terms and conditions. Where

NKBS terminates the Agreement in accordance with

this Clause:

32.1. you will not be entitled to any refund in the Fees

paid and any Fees not paid at the date of such

termination for the remainder of the Course will

become immediately due and payable; and

32.2. you will not take any further part in the Course.

  1. (Limitation) Of course, NKBS's does not seek to

limit its liability to you for death or personal injury

when caused by NKBS’ negligence; by a deliberate act

or omission, of it or its employees, agents or authorised

representatives; or as a result of a deliberate

repudiatory breach of by it of the Agreement.

However, in all other circumstances (and to the extent

permitted by law):

33.1. NKBS shall not in any event be liable to pay

compensation or damages to you (for whatever

reason such compensation or damages may be

due in contract, tort (including negligence) breach

of statutory duty or otherwise) greater than the

amount of Fees paid by you; and

33.2. NKBS will not otherwise be liable for any loss

damage or injury to you or your property whilst

you are taking part in the Course; and

33.3. NKBS shall have no liability whatsoever for any:

indirect; economic; or consequential loss (and for

these purposes consequential loss shall include

without limitation all loss of profit and/or

opportunity) suffered by you under the

Agreement even if NKBS was aware of the

possibility of such damages or losses arising.

  1. (Survival) The provisions of the Agreement will

survive to the extent necessary to effect the intent of the

parties and to protect the rights of NKBS.

  1. (Partnership) Nothing in the Agreement is

intended to nor shall it create any partnership, joint

venture or relationship of employment between NKBS

and you.

  1. (Unenforceability) If any provision of the

Agreement is invalid or unenforceable in any

jurisdiction it will, if required, be deleted (for the

purposes of that jurisdiction) without affecting the

remaining provisions of the Agreement or affecting the

validity or enforceability of that provision in any other

jurisdiction provided that such deletion does not defeat

the commercial purpose of the Agreement.

  1. (Force Majeure) NKBS shall not be in breach of the

Agreement or otherwise liable to you as a result of any

delay or failure in the performance of its obligations

under the Agreement if and to the extent that such

delay or failure is caused by any event or cause not

within its reasonable control.

  1. (No Waiver) No failure or delay by NKBS in exercising any of its rights under the Agreement shall be deemed to be a waiver of that right, and no waiver by NKBS of a breach of any provision of the Agreement shall be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.
  2. (Assignment and Subcontracting) NKBS may assign the Agreement

and the rights granted or assigned under it to any third

party.  NKBS shall have the right to sub-contract any of its obligations under the Agreement to appropriately qualified and experienced sub-contractors.

  1. (Third Parties) The provisions of the Contracts

(Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded from this


  1. (Entire Agreement) The Agreement and these terms and conditions constitute the

entire agreement between you and NKBS in relation to

your participation and performance at the Course.

  1. (Amendments to these Terms & Conditions) NKBS shall be entitled to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be notified of any such amendment in writing.
  2. (Notices) Any notices to be served on a party by the

other shall be in writing and sent by registered mail or

shall be delivered personally to the other party to the

address set out in this Agreement or such other address

as is notified in writing by the other party from time to

time. Such notice shall be deemed given on the date it is

delivered to the other party.

  1. (Law) This Agreement is governed by English law. The

English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Agreement.

Email: info@nkballetschool.com