Terms & Conditions

Admissions: Students are admitted based on their suitability, potential and talent. Students are assessed during a trial class and placed in a class deemed suitable, the Director's decision being final. The minimum number of students in a ‘ballet ‘class is 6, the maximum number is 12. If the number falls below 6 NKBS reserves the right to withdraw the course.


It is the school's policy that all places are offered on merit and no applicant is discriminated against based on race, colour, nationality, gender or ethnicity. A limited number of whole or part scholarships are offered solely at the discretion of the Director.

For further information, please contact our NK Ballet Foundation: nataliakremen@gmail.com

NKBS do not offer refunds for a class missed by a student.


Anti- Bullying Policy: To create an ethos of good behaviour, where our students treat each other and staff with respect. The school takes bullying very seriously and will seek to prevent it. Our policy is to prevent bullying of any sort. To make it clear to all students and staff that bullying is unacceptable. To make our students feel that they can dance in a caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied.


Personal Conduct: It is the aim of the school to promote good student conduct at all times both inside and outside of the venues used, in a manner that shows due regard for their own safety and dignity and that of fellow students, teachers and others present.

Students should always behave respectfully to their teachers and classmates and respect any rules or regulations specific to venues used.

Students must not do or say anything that may be obscene, immoral, harmful or offensive. Minor incidents of poor behaviour will be dealt with by the class teacher. Repeated incidents will be reported to parents and the school Director. More serious incidents will be dealt with directly by the Director and may result in the student being asked to leave the school.


Physical Contact: It is essential in teaching dance for physical contact between teachers and students to take place in class, e.g. to make corrections. It is NKBS policy that all teachers will treat physical contact with sensitivity and care with regard to the wishes of the students. Contact must never involve inappropriate force. Contact is made with the awareness of the needs of the individual students where corrections are necessary.


Curriculum: Students age 9 and over follow a Vaganova method of ballet and it is our aim that all students reach their full potential, whether studying ballet for recreation or as a possible career path.

Students under the age of 9 will be taught special programme created by NKBS based on Russian and leading European techniques. Students will be put forward for ballet examinations by process of invitation only. This decision is made by the Director and is final.  Those considered suitable for the demands of the syllabus will be invited to take an additional Exam Class, following the ARBTA - Association of Russian Ballet and Theatre Arts syllabus.

Change of class times/venues at short notice - NKBS reserve the right to change class times and or venues where necessary. You will be notified of such changes.

Guardianship: Registers are taken at each class. Students are only released to parents or nominated guardians at the end of a lesson. A charge is made for late collection of a child where a teacher has had to remain with them. We must receive notice in writing if a child under 14 will be travelling alone.


Health and Safety: The Safety and well-being of all students is the highest priority of NKBS. Regular risk assessments are made of all venues. In-house policies for each venue used are followed.


Concerns or Complaints: It is our aim that both parents and students should feel that any concerns and/or complaints are listened to and taken seriously and dealt with promptly. Initial concerns should be emailed to the school secretary Info@nkballetschool.com.

More serious complaints communication protocol - All communications should be sent in writing to the Director through the school administrator via email stating the student's full name and nature of the concern/ complaint. In the first instance, you will receive an acknowledgement of your concern raised and we would aim to have a formal response within five working days. Complaints/concerns raised via social media will not be acknowledged.

First Aid: NKBS teachers will administer first aid where necessary and act in loco parentis. It is mandatory that parents /guardians sign the medical waiver form provided. All teachers have completed a first aid training course.


Parental/Guardian Responsibilities

As a rule replacement classes are not granted except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the School Director.

NKBS would ask that as much notice as possible is given to the school administrator or teacher when a student will not be able to attend a class. Private lessons are not refundable and cannot be forwarded unless a replacement student can be found for cancelled lessons.
65 days ‘notice of non- attendance is required for exams or any NKBS show; failure to do so will result in charges still being applied.

Punctuality is essential.  NKBS students should not arrive at class more than 10 minutes early as most locations do not provide waiting areas. It should also be noted that if a student arrives more than 15 minutes late to a class, they may not be allowed to join in and may be asked to sit at the side of the class to watch and make notes.

There are no child care facilities available after any lessons, at any location. Parents must ensure prompt collection of their children after classes. If a teacher is delayed because one of their students has not been collected, a charge will be made.

Students who have missed classes may be asked to take private lessons to catch up where necessary. Students registered for Exam Classes must attend a minimum of no less than 10 classes a term.


Personal Information: All pupils must have a completed and signed Student Agreement Form. It is the parents' responsibility to keep NKBS updated with any changes of students' details including contact and medical records.


NKBS Studio Locations: There are no guaranteed parking or waiting facilities for parents or carers at school studios.


Class Timetable: Parents and students should be aware of their own class timetable; details are provided with each annual student agreement. School timetable information is always available on the school website. You will be notified via email of any changes to the timetable.


Payment of Fees: All fees should be paid in full by the close of business the day before term begins. Late fees will incur a late payment charge.


NKBS Show: All students are expected to take part in our annual show unless prior notice has been given. NKBS ask that all participants commit fully to the rehearsal programme and performance arrangements. Solo Choreography is studied in private lessons only.


NKBS Uniform and Appearance: All students should attend class in the correct, clean uniform. Girls' hair should be worn in a neat classical bun. Jewellery and make-up should not be worn in class.

Uniform should be purchased from the school. Please note all uniforms must be paid for by cash or cheque. Compulsory uniform items to be purchased from NKBS.

Girls – NKBS leotards and skirts appropriate to group class.
Boys- Unitard and shorts (or tights).

Students should also have:

Girls – ballet tights and pink canvas ballet shoes.
Boys - Black or white canvas ballet shoes with matching socks.
These items can be purchased from NKBS or other ballet suppliers.


Personal Photography & Social Media Policy: NKBS does not permit photography of any kind, at any time, by student or parent, during lessons, either of themselves, their classmates or their teacher.

No photographs, or recordings of classes or performances should be posted on any social media site without the consent of NKBS. Parents are required to complete a photo release form.

Email: info@nkballetschool.com 

Thank you!