Online Ballet Classes


Over the past few years we have been fortunate to see growing demand and extensive waiting lists for all our classes. By extending NKBS syllabus online, we are now able to offer more children the opportunity to experience ballet training with us and benefit from our unique teaching methods and an inspiring and caring approach to each student.



The feedback from our students and their families speaks for itself. NKBS staff are a team of dedicated ballet professionals, who truly care about each and every student, and where they use their expertise to nurture their love of dance whilst helping them develop their ballet ability and improve their confidence.



 We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, all-rounded Classical Ballet education, which includes Flexibility, Pilates, Fitness, Contemporary training as well as complimentary Ballet History classes. We also provide highly targeted personalised feedback to all our dancers, allowing pupils to grow as a dancer and effectively work on improvements. 


7 days a week Online


- Ballet Technique Class (age 3-16)

- Flexibility / Gymnastics Class

- Pilates Class

- Point Work and Allegro Class

- Contemporary/Lyrical Class

- Ballet History Class (Complimentary)

- Vocational and PreVocational Levels

- Exam Grade Classes ( ARBTA)



Multiple classes start from just £15 per week 


(All student parents are invited to join Complimentary Fitness and Flexibility Online Classes) 


Our online classes are an extension of the same amazing dance training and caring community that you've come to expect from NKBS. Our team is working hard to make sure our dancers can continue their training and thrive during these uncertain times.



  • "You are the only ballet school we came across that made a real difference to my son’s artistic life. He can't stop thinking about his ballet! He is even enjoying the stretching exercises that used to terrify him in the past! I don't know how are you doing it. Forever grateful”. Maria


  • "My daughter absolutely loves your classes. She told me that she gets so much feedback which she really enjoys. I really want to thank you for that, as it’s so hard to find online ballet classes where the teachers actually look at the students and give feedback and corrections. My daughter wants me to add more classes.” Mariam


  • "Thank you for being such a brilliant school for our daughter. She improvised Swan Lake this morning and brought us to tears. She was so confident with a perfect execution of her choreography and that is 100% attributed to you, your methods and her teacher of course. So thank you for giving her the confidence and the tools to gain confidence, not to mention the technique, posture and the smile!” Eugenia, Mother of Sasha


  • "The improvements we have seen in Bianca since she first started are just amazing and all thanks to her teachers who pushed her beyond her limits (flexibility-wise as well) and inspired her (and us all!) to work hard to achieve results, even beyond imagination, and to pursue our dreams. A big thank you to all NKBS team for making her dream come true !” Illaria


It has never been a better time to give your child a chance to try ballet classes for the first time or to take their training to the next level with our Ballet Mentors. All our staff are fully qualified and highly experienced ballet teachers who are all former professional dancers with renowned internationally-recognised careers.