Natasha Bacon

We were delighted to discover the Natalia Kremen Ballet School, particularly the Vocational class. Our daughter, Polina, had been involved in different schools, taken part in Associate programmes, been for auditions, all in an attempt to secure entry into a vocational school and pursue the dream of a career in professional ballet. Progress was slow and we were concerned that we were falling further and further behind where she needed to be to gain access into a school.

Joining the NKBS Vocational class was the best thing we ever did – the attention to detail, quality of teaching/training, enthusiastic support, care of the teachers and friendliness of the class, all allowed our daughter to thrive. The progress she made was clearly visible from an early stage – both in terms of technique and of her confidence to perform, helped by the fantastic opportunities afforded by NKBS to meet professional dancers, attend master-classes, watch professionals rehearse and to perform themselves at a range of different events (including dancing with the Mariinskiy Ballet Company in their performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at ROH)

The results are self-evident. NKBS Director, Natalia Kremen, helped enormously with the creation of an audition DVD, which secured entry into the mainstream Year 4 (equivalent to our Year 10) class of the Perm State Choreographic School, one of the most prestigious Russian ballet schools. Already in her first year she passed all her ballet exams with good grades. There is still further hard work ahead, but her dream of a professional ballet career is within reach, largely thanks to the time she spent at NKBS. Polina enjoys the ongoing support and advice of Natalia and the other teachers from the school, and remains in contact with the other girls from her Vocational class. We are watching with great interest to see other potential stars emerge from the school.