Month: February 2018

Rossella Brambilla

Before our daughter started the vocational course with Natalia Kremen, we spent a long time looking for a rigorous vocational ballet school, which would also be compatible with normal school hours. After a year at NKBS, it’s very rewarding to find that Stella has grown a great deal in confidence in her balletic technique and has learnt about discipline and personal responsibility.

Natasha Bacon

We were delighted to discover the Natalia Kremen Ballet School, particularly the Vocational class. Our daughter, Polina, had been involved in different schools, taken part in Associate programmes, been for auditions, all in an attempt to secure entry into a vocational school and pursue the dream of a career in professional ballet. Progress was slow and we were concerned that we were falling further and further behind where she needed to be to gain access into a school.

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Zuzana and Jorge Enriquez Borges

When our daughter Jeannettsy walked into a dance studio at the age of three, no one could imagine this would be an 11-year journey.

We are happy that in 2012 we found and joined Natalia Kremen Ballet School. We have seen the school grow from handful of students to full capacity classes.

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