Month: November 2018

Festival 5678

Festiva 5678 held 24th and 25th November 2018

@5678community Toi, toi, toi to all the dancers who competed at the international Festiva 5678 competition on 24th and 25th November in the Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia. In attendance was our own NK Ballet school and NK Ballet foundation founder Natalia Kremen.

5678 is a community founded on an idea about a new approach to dance.

Festiva 5678 is for both young and older dancers at the beginning of their professional path. The goal of the festival is to raise the overall awareness of dance to a higher level, whilst bringing the world of dance to Serbia. Including dancers, instructors, choreographers, scouts and admirers of the world of dance in general.

private tuition classes

Private Tuition Ballet Classes

Our founder Natalia Kremen and Mrs Roberta Marquez will be offering private tuition classes this December 2018. Contact Natalia Kremen Ballet School have studios based in London. To book your private session by emailing All emails will go in to a draw to win one free private class!

(Flexibility, Feet, Technique, Pirouettes or Jumps)