Month: January 2019

Daria Testimonial

My daughter studied at the Natalia Kremen Ballet School for a very short time. But these 2.5 years will remain forever unforgettable. Daria, as probably many girls aged 5-6 years old dreamed of dancing. But a unique chance was given to us, since we met Natalia. A pupil of the famous Russian classical ballet gave very good technical skills. Rehearsals were held at a high level. High-quality preparation for each next exam, as well as for a large concert on various theatrical stages of London, required serious feedback from the dancers and the teacher. It was extremely interesting! Girls in their beautiful costumes felt like real ballet dancers. We carefully store all brochures and numerous photographs of performances, as well as various photo shoots. We miss the atmosphere of celebration and beauty,

Thanks to the painstaking work of Natalia, the foundation was laid for the full development of the body, and since my daughter chose the path of a professional tennis player (primarily because of her hereditary athletic abilities), the achieved plasticity and coordination in the ballet school of Natalia Kremen at that age played a big role, and help her in this difficult field.

The correct aesthetic taste and manners formed her attitude to art, she simply adores ballet and theater!

Thank you very much, Natalia for your patience, attention and love !!!